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The Greatest Salesman essays

The Greatest Salesman essays 1. To start the book The Greatest Salesman in the World there is a man named Hafid who is the greatest salesman in the world. This novel takes place many years ago when there was a big trade of ginger, bread, grapes, fine linens, honey, carpets, oil and many other necessities. Hafid has made his fortune by selling all these products across the lands. Hafid is very old, his wife has died and has nothing to live for. Erasmus, Hafids chief bookkeeper has been this loyalty assistant for many years. Hafid has order Erasmus to sell all the products in the warehouses around the world. Also he commands Erasmus to give all the works triple wages for there years of work. At first Erasmus is a little resistant to do as his master says, but eventually does. Hafid also says give the managers of the warehouses an extra bonus. A when the products in the warehouses are sold off give all the profits to the poor people of the city. When Erasmus hears his masters command he asked many questions and that is when Hafid asks is this task to unpleasant for you? 2. Erasmus makes it known that he has no problem granting his masters wish. Hafid hugs his friend because he is always looking out from his best interest. Hafid tells Erasmus to transfer fifty thousand talents into his own account. Also asks for Erasmus to stay until he dies. After Erasmus agrees Hafid stays I will show you something that I have only shared with my beloved wife. Hafid takes Erasmus to highest floor in the house and then into a bedroom that no one has been in except for Hafid and his wife. Inside the big room is only a chest sitting in the middle on the floor. Inside the chest is ten ancient scrolls handed down for thousands of years on how to become the greatest salesman in the world. Hafid explains that only one who is generous like Erasmus can have the scrolls. 3. In this section of the book Hafid tells Eras...

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Is Journalism in Declineor Being Reinvented in a Better Form in the Essay

Is Journalism in Declineor Being Reinvented in a Better Form in the Digital Age - Essay Example Journalists normally are doing the first which is surveillance. They report whatever is happening around in the world. Online news sites are available in abundance and the users can get all kinds of information at any time. However, there are some who are â€Å"afraid† that they might come across scams and spam and, therefore, the huge amount of information available to us today proves to be very daunting. The second of Laswell’s functions comes into play here which is the correlation function since it is about responding to the environment. Digital reporters make sure to include depth and interpretation in their work in order that the normal regular news consumer may be able to make out whatever is going on. After the journalists find out the information they need to select the best one to investigate and then report. This is the last of Laswell’s function transmitting the social inheritance. Through this they are able to carry out communication regarding the va lues of the society and this can be done through multimedia and interactive presentations. Journalism in a Digital Age Better journalism can be achieved through better regulations and such is the case for digital age as well. These regulations are required in order for the elimination of all kinds of negative aspects. The basis of journalism is news production and distribution. The role of journalism in the society is that of an actor as well as an arena. It is the role of journalists to report the events taking place around the world and also bring out the wrongs going around. It is by means of journalism that it is made sure that the country is free. And now that the society has digitized to such a great extent the information is flowing around very rapidly, and here a journalist’s role is extremely important and critical (Artwick 6). Digital journalism basically means journalism that is originated from the internet. Individuals are getting the power of technological innova tion and are being able to spread the news and information to the masses. Through digital journalism it is possible to create a new media landscape that would be easily accessible to everyone. There is a wide difference between internet and broadcasting but TV and radio channels have been able to set up online activities immediately. Due to the fact that these medium have traditional content, they have led the multimedia services within the same framework like online newspapers. Besides, since they are able to use the novel technology and media without having to make heavy investments on new equipment, the broadcasters are becoming an interest as study objects. Advantages of Digital Journalism Journalism is definitely becoming better as there is more and more advancement in technology. Journalism is always recognized with newspapers and manual work where the journalists have to actually go to the scene and write and report news. With the digital age in progress it is difficult for s ome to imagine that journalism would be able to continue. However, such is definitely not the case. Digitalizing journalism is an option and a very good one at that. Like Marshall McLuhan said: â€Å"technology is turning the world into a global village†. One example is that of newspaper editors. They can actually utilize technology to its best and for their work. For example they can check out the camera viewfinder via the internet and thus advise their

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Impact of culture on globalization strategies Essay - 1

Impact of culture on globalization strategies - Essay Example Accordingly, Manrodt & Vitasek (2004, 3) averred that â€Å"the literature is clear that global and transnational firms can benefit from a coordinated and integrated management of their key processes.† The complexity of managing global processes on a wider scale is eminent taking into account obstacles including â€Å"language, customs, current standards, education levels, and government regulations. Increased competition, demanding customers, and constantly changing business environments have forced management to seek radically different ways for their companies to succeed in the marketplace.† (Manrodt & Vitasek, 2004, 3) The authors opted to utilize two methods in to achieve their objective. The first method is the use of comprehensive literature on the subject of global process standardization. The second method comprised of an in-depth case study of an actual organization, the Modus Media International, Inc. (Modus) identified as a â€Å"leader linking metrics from strategy to the plant level across its 23 manufacturing/distribution facilities.† (Manrodt & Vitasek, 2004, 4) The study that was conducted interviewed senior management to line managers using structured standardized questions on Modus’s process management standardization practices. Manrodt & Vitasek formulated a framework for standardizing global processes enumerating six critical steps, to wit: articulate a strategy; adopt a process review of logistics; identification of key segments, processes and process attributes; determination of impact to customers; selection of improvement of key segments; and identification and training of the global segment owner. A background on the company and the case was initially provided. A supply chain conditioning maturity profile was designed to indicate each of the processes which had several attributes that helped employees determine their level

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Great Gatsby Essay Example for Free

Great Gatsby Essay Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald is one of the best American novels owing to its thematic strength. It reflects â€Å"The Jazz Age of 1920s and the writer artistically examine the theme of aspiration in America during this era. Fitzgerald wrote this novel as a satire on this so called glamorous period. This novel is about Gatsby, newly rich person, who is obsessed with desire of reuniting with a lady, Daisy, whom he loses in past just because of status difference. The main theme of this novel is while many desire the American Dream of easy, quick money and measuring success and happiness only with material wealth; eventually they realize this perfect dream is certainly unachievable. This dream leads Gatsby from Poverty to wealth and he finally gets Daisys love. But the end of the novel exposes the ugly side of this American Dream. There are many social themes in the story including Dream, vision, honesty, time, wealth, superficiality and shallowness, societal expectation, disloyalty, immorality and selfishness. The surface study shows that its about love relation between Gatsby and Daisy. But the story has much broader theme rather than big romantic scope. The most dominating theme of the story is that of American Dream or rather Perverted American Dream†. It is very symbolic story of Roaring Age of 1920s America, particularly the story of shattering of American Dream in that era of economic prosperity and material abundance. It exposes how the American people adulterated American Dream by indulging in immoral and unethical pursuits of wealth. The energy to be burnt in noble purpose gets started to be burnt in show off and individual pleasure, fame and success. All other themes of the novel strengthens this theme through out the story. The people become selfish, indulge themselves in vulgar means of wealth, disloyalty is at its peak and the most important of all; they forget the American dream was originally about discovery, individualism, and the pursuit of happiness. Theme of wealth supports the main theme in the strongest way. It is desire of possessing enormous wealth which blinds one from real objective. It is wealth which betrays the characters of the story from their noble goal and leads them to wrong way. That is how noble American dream is corrupted. Insight and vision of the characters are blurred due to obsession of wealth. The characters are too blind to know their own self or others’. The writer is successful in connecting this blindness of characters with main theme of Disintegration of American Dream. The story also describes the theme of Time†. The novel depicts both pre-war and post-war scenario in a way that we clearly come to know the differences which occur during that period. The mind of characters becomes so materialistic in the wake of World War1 that they are highly scorned by old aristocratic class who once had a high and unrivaled prestige. Its this change of time which results in shattering of Noble American Dream. Gatsby gets back her beloved, Daisy, winning her heart by showing off his wealth. A simpler, better, nobler time, perhaps, a time when people believed in the importance of the family and the church turns into materialistic time in which everything is measured through wealth. Theres no denying the fact that the fall of American dream is the super theme of the story and rest of the themes support it fully. The story shows how reality turns into illusion and how dream is shattered. It shows the impossibility of American dream in an era of immorality where there is no place for religion and ethics but for wealth, the prime interest. Reference: Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The great Gatsby Scribner Paperback Fiction. New York. 1995

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Norway :: essays research papers fc

Norway is one of the â€Å"three fingers† of Scandinavia, and is just larger than New Mexico. It covers 125,181 square miles. It is located in Northern Europe, bordering the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The coastline stretches 21,925 km. The population of Norway is 4.3 million and growing. The population is predominantly or Nordic (Scandinavian) decent. There is also a small minority (20,000) of native Sà ¡mis (Laplanders), who live mostly in the North. Many aspects of business and management in Norway are very similar to those of America including language and communication, power structures/politics, work ethics, food and eating habits, dress, and religious beliefs. General facts about Norway are as follows. Age structure: 0-14 years=19% (390,344 female; 444,570 male), 15-64 years=65% (1,375,493 female; 1,424,027 male), 65 years and over=16% (408,675 female; 287,842 male). Birth Rate: 12.86 births/1,000 population. Death Rate: 10.35 deaths/1,000 population. Net Migration Rate: 1.15 migrants/1,000 population. Infant Mortality Rate: 6.1 deaths/1,000 live births. Life Expectancy at Birth: Total Population: 77.61 years, Male: 74.26 years, Female: 81.15 years. The official language of Norway has two forms. Bokmà ¥l, or â€Å"book language† is used in most written works and is spoken by more than 80 percent of the people, especially those living in urban areas. English is taught in the schools beginning at age 11, and is widely spoken as a second language. Communication is very similar to that of the United States. Although technology is probably more advanced, things like Internet, and cellular communication are very widely used with an average of 2 cell phones per person in Norway. The power structure of Norway is probably one of the few areas that are quite different from that of most other free countries. Norway is a constitutional monarchy. The king has limited authority, except as head of the military and as a symbol of continuity and stability. Executive power is vested in the prime minister, who presides over the dominant party in the country’s parliament (Storting). The 165 members of parliament are elected every four years. The Storting has an Upper Chamber (Lagting) and a Lower Chamber (Odelsting). The Labor, Center, and Conservative parties are the largest in parliament, but no party has a majority. Another similar note is that all citizens may vote at age 18. Norway also has 19 provinces (fylker). Norway enjoys a strong economy, and has one of the highest standards of living in the world.

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Abraham Conclusion Essay

While writing the whole play for my group, and doing research, I learned a lot of things about Abraham. God helped Abraham a lot, first with the blessing, then Lot, and even for the birth of Isaac. Most of the time when something bad happens, Abraham doubted God. God never zapped him, or kill him, He was patient. At the end, Abraham could not help Isaac find a wife himself for he is weak and old, he trusted that God will help him like the way God helped him before. I think faith means to trust God completely, 100%. True faith is shown, when you yourself could not help anymore, only God could. And you trust unto Him a very hard job, being sure that He will be able to do it. See more: Beowulf essay essay This happened when Abraham was too old to go look for a wife for Isaac, he had faith that God will find one for him, and God did. What I learned about God while reading about Abraham is that God is very patient. Every time Abraham questions or doubts him, he doesn’t get angry. I also learned that God is faithful and true to his word. Every single promise God made came true, though not the way some people expected it. Last of all, I learned that God is omniscience. Though Sarah is very old and beyond the age of child bearing, God was able to make her have her son, the son that was the one to take the true blessing, Isaac.

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The Canadian North By Ted Harrison Essay - 2407 Words

The Canadian North, a rugged landscape often glamorized as a land of adventure and promise, hides a dark history. From the early day’s of the gold rush, when the land was first colonised, to the attempted cultural assimilation of the indigenous peoples through residential schools, the people native to the area are still in a struggle of identity and culture, and the resulting effects such as high suicide rates, poverty and drug abuse,. It is through this lens that I will examine the work of Ted Harrison, a prolific English artist who spent the majority of his life living in the Yukon and painting the contemporary society that he saw around him. There is no doubt that his work was highly intertwined with the indigenous culture, and as such his identity brings up questions regarding the appropriation of native american culture. To that end, this essay will look at the context of his biography, the subject matter of his work, and compare it to contemporary Native American artists in order to clarify the nature of his art. Ted Harrison was born in England in 1926, into a dreary coal mining town. He took an early interest in art, and after high-school entered the West Hartlepool School of Art for a degree in design. Partially through his degree, Harrison found himself conscripted for the army, and began a lifelong fascination with other cultures as he spent 2 years stationed in India and various African countries. In 1950, Harrison completed his art degree, and moved on to theShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Four Political Parties Of Canada4255 Words   |  18 Pagesproduction, distribution and exchange will be the supplying of human needs instead of the making of profits. (Morton, p.12, 1986) Meanwhile, in Eastern Canada, a group of scholars formed the League for Social Reconstruction (LSR), and gave the Canadian left a version of socialism that was related in some respects to the current social and economic situation in Canada. In 1933, the CCF had its first major convention in Regina, Saskatchewan, and the original policy platform first proposed by theRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesAmerican History. Revised and Expanded Edition E SSAYS ON _ T WENTIETH- C ENTURY H ISTORY Edited by Michael Adas for the American Historical Association TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS PHILADELPHIA Temple University Press 1601 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122 Copyright  © 2010 by Temple University All rights reserved Published 2010 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Essays on twentieth century history / edited byRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages187 Three Ethical Decision Criteria 187 †¢ Improving Creativity in Decision Making 188 Summary and Implications for Managers 190 S A S A S A L L L Self-Assessment Library What Are My Gender Role Perceptions? 166 glOBalization! Chinese Time, North American Time 171 Myth or Science? Creative Decision Making Is a Right-Brain Activity 181 Self-Assessment Library Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? 183 An Ethical Choice Whose Ethical Standards to Follow? 185 Self-Assessment Library How Creative AmRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesbusiness. There are all these fat bastards running chains of discos and bowling alleys, and none of them admits it. We went through a really traumatic time at the club.1 Palumbo changed his security team, bringing in security professionals from the North of England 1 New Statesman, 5 September (1997). This case study was prepared by Professor Richard Whittington, University of Oxford. It is intended as a basis of class discussion and not as an illustration of good or bad practice.  © RichardRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesPalmer−Dunford−Akin: Managing Organizational Change 2. Images of Managing Change Text  © The McGraw−Hill Companies, 2005 30 Chapter 2 Images of Managing Change TABLE 2.2 Life Cycle Stages and Change Management Issues Source: Adapted from Harrison and Shirom, 1999:307–314. Developmental Stage Entrepreneurial Stage Founder initiates an idea Caretaker Activities †¢ Making sure resources are available †¢ Establishing market niche †¢ Ensuring management procedures assist innovation and creativityRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pagesautonomous (Brodbeck et al., 2000). Rigby (1998) focused on the 25 most popular management tools and techniques in an investigation of the association between management tools and techniques and organizational performance. According to 4,137 managers in North America, Europe, and Asia, the tools associated with organization success were: strategic planning, pay for performance, strategic alliances, customer satisfaction measurement, shareholder value analysis, mission and vision statements, benchmarking